Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sean McCann - Spring Spill

Been meaning to post about this latest Sean McCann tape for a while now and seeing it yesterday in Alt-Vinyl sparked my memory. Didn't realise it'd have such SUPER KUET/homely art on the cover but really it fits right cos this stuff just breathes and breathes, massive spring/summer gasps, adding a certain necessary rubble while achieving a wide-eyed sort of transcendence that let's face it a lot of us do strive for sometimes. I get to bike through the rainforest (aka Heaton Park/Jesmond Dene) every day and it smells and sounds just like this, palm fronds, cracked wet tiles, glistening sky.

[Sean McCann MySpace]

[Buy from Phylum Sigh from DNT]


Anonymous said...

and that picture is a screenshot from an upcoming vhs tape on DNT..should be out next week.


richard said...

yesss looking forward to that!