Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Well, obviously this shit is fucking insane. For those who’ve theorised that Four Tet and Burial are actually the same dude this collaboration might not come as a massive surprise, but if you don’t sit around cooking up conspiracy theories about your favourite electronic acts it’s like a big, unexpected genius sandwich, right? I love unexpected sandwiches. The two jams on this ultra-sold out 12” are as sublime as you’d expect from musicians as on their game as these two: slow-burning and tense as fuck, with this kind of nervous, spacy futurism. Sounds like the audio equivalent of being slowly gassed to death. There’s a bit about four minutes in that sounds faintly like someone singing in a room down the corridor, creepy and beautiful. Honestly: this sounds like a collaboration. If Four Tet’s Keiran Hebden is Burial, he’s not only a visionary but a total schizophrenic.

[Burial MySpace / Four Tet MySpace]


Egon said...

to either of these fine practitioners: more bass

snix said...

this is my favourite thing of the year, i think. music wise. maybe even more than just music wise?