Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Foot Village - T.A.K.E.

Brian Miller (Death Bomb Arc C.E.O. and resident Foot Villager) is understandably psyched to announce the first sounds from their new fantasy drum epic Anti-Magic; check this with it's slightly more refined chaos, testing further waters of absurdity/humanness with just those four drum sets and loud loud voices. If it was surprising how much they could do with just those kits on their previous Friendship Nation then the further rhythms that creep out on this new stuff is even more insane, treating them almost like guitars, filling spaces with concrete and bong smoke. They've got LOTS OF FRIENDS that don't quite live in Foot Village but like to contribute things ie. hundreds of different covers of their jam 'Chicken and Cheese 2'. FAR OUT.

[Foot Village MySpace]

[Buy Anti-Magic from Upset The Rhythm (out June 2009)]

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