Friday, May 08, 2009


Spirit Spine - So Cool

Loving the more overt beats and concise pop edge that Indiana's Spirit Spine applies to the Panda Bear template. This guy's lo-fi certainly adheres to it, sometimes more audibly than others, but that's nothing too 'out there'; it's right at the surface. He's got a mixed bag of jewels that feels different each time, a real interesting and vaguely explorative pop. I would've thought there'd be more sounds like this happening really, but perhaps given the monolithic nature of the tome that is Person Pitch. Spirit Spine makes nice responses to it but let's not dwell on that, I mean, a couple of these jams are way murky and a different sort of weird.

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el tigre said...

panda bear-esque loops and sample but the vocals are more joy divisionish than noah.

richard said...

yeah there's this dark streak in there, i like it