Thursday, April 30, 2009


Andrew Whiteman is one of my guitar gods. I'm also an unabashed Broken Social Scene fanboy so naturally, I've been all over Apostle Of Hustle since their inception. Eats Darkness sees Whiteman and co expanding their palette by dabbling in some more unconventional sounds and textures. "Darker" vibes also seem to be seeping a little more into their Cuban-infused jams but it's a sexy kinda dark. Eazy Speaks is an example of this - there's a driving rhythm, urgent guitars and a much more agressive sound to what I'm used to hearing. However, Whiteman's vocals and the stop-and-go drums ensure your hips never stop swaying. Lastly, I've read that this song is "a tribute to a deceased poet from LA", and with lyrics like "I drink rain and piss out acid", I'm just going to assume that the deceased poet they're referring to is Eazy E. My stamp of approval is so big right now, there's an indent on the record.

[Apostle Of Hustle MySpace]

[Eats Darkness will be released on May 19th. Get it from Arts & Crafts]

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