Friday, May 01, 2009


City Center - Bleed Blood

Long awaited full length from City Centre and it's an amazingly nice surprise with all it's long lush jams that take on all the other colours instead of just the blurred ones ala their previous singles. They had a pond watery type of lucidity but I never knew they'd get so languid on it and here at the start of 'Bleed Blood', so polyrhythmic with such clarity. It's easy to hear some big Panda Bear-style reverberance and it's mirrored in the positive sentiment/vibesss that run through it all. Yeah, digging their type of granduer, kinda muted but actually digging on beauty and shit as well.

[City Center MySpace (pre-order City Centre from here too)]


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richard said...

oh, i think i fixed it!

jbls said...

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