Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It’s like that video they show you in high school science, the sped-up footage of a dead fox putrefying and rotting away. This track begins like a (fucking weird, but still) hip-hop backing track: drum machine, string loop, sampled dialogue. Shit stays on track while the squelchy synths do their thing, and soon thereafter starts to break down: glitches, breaks, newer, weirder samples that jump around like a House of Pain video and before you know it, the point of no return is disappearing in the distance and chaos fucking reigns. Then, just as you’re starting to forget where you came from altogether (it gets hard to hold all the threads of this track in your mind), Bibio cuts the cord: computer malfunction, hold music, silence.

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andrew g said...

i really that track and the sampler of the whole record... but i'm still not entirely sure how he's going to be able pull of those two different sides of his new sound into one cohesive record.