Thursday, June 18, 2009


On a basic level, “singer-songwriter” describes what Melbourne’s Paddy Mann does, but bring context in and suddenly your phrase is inadequate. Every entry-level altbro and his guitar is a singer-songwriter. Paddy Mann is not entry-level. Grand Salvo make music that demands adjectives: listening to songs like Needles, you find yourself constantly reaching for newer, more poetic ways of describing what you hear; trying to imagine what kind of world Paddy Mann was inhabiting when he created them, because it seems impossible he was on this one. There’s a fleeting, unpredictable urgency to Needles – it sounds like it was created whole in one perfect, four-minute-fifty-seven-second burst of creativity and then set aside, too ethereal to be laboured over, not that you’d ever want to.

[Grand Salvo MySpace]

[Soil Creatures is out July 4 through Preservation/Inertia]

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