Thursday, June 18, 2009


Look, I love all BSS-related bands but when they decide to do the Voltron thing and unite for the common purpose of uplifting jams, they can't be touched. Synergy, man. So here they are with some new material which happens to be a cover of The Clean's "Complications". They're no strangers to this having given the BSS treatment to songs by Patti Smith, Paul McCartney and the like in the past. Even Puff, the Magic Dragon got some love. Though this one in particular, is for my bros. See, I've got bros who are down with the Dunedin Sound (Flying Nun Records til death) and don't care much for Broken Social Scene, bros who are the opposite and bros who are partial to both. So consider this particular track as a soundtrack to the listening worlds of some of my closest peers colliding.

As a bonus for my bros who are down with BSS and seeing as how I don't know whether I'll get a more appropriate chance to post this, I'm also including a track they performed on a live radio session back in 03. It's relatively unknown as it's still yet to be given the full studio treatment but it's a gem in it's current state - guitar lines heavy with delay and reverb, sweet boy-girl harmonies and Feist absolutely stealing the song with that hook in the chorus.

Oh, and I can't be fucked trying to photoshop a picture of Robert Scott and David Kilgour on stage with the entire BSS crew so here is a picturesque and ambiguous mountainscape that can be found in either New Zealand or Canada.

[Broken Social Scene MySpace]

[Complications appears on Score! 20 Years Of Merge Records: The Covers! Buy it from the Merge Records store.]

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