Thursday, June 18, 2009


Richard Youngs - Collapsing Stars

Given the elliptical slopes and delirious narratives of previous works like Autumn Response, Richard Youngs' much talked about "pop" album is pretty sure to polarize. It's one of those weird sounds that requires a certain context, and even if that might be snobby/problematic, all I mean is that there's potential that this might sound totally wack to some (with its pronounced lyrics and literate lyrics and clinical drum machines) but super amazing and evocative to others. It's certainly self-aware stuff, but generally Youngs' glacial grass hills and total evocations of windy Sleep Furiously-style grass hills (it's coat weather for sure!) are bundled up in familiar pop structures. Pretty amazing and way out of print now but that's what you get for a 100 edition CDR.

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