Sunday, May 31, 2009


Oh fuck, EVOCATIVE. This is some hazed out space-age shit, like getting high through a motherboard in 2200. Pretty fucking creepy, too: the white noise builds and builds and the whole time there’s this melody way up high that’s all noble and righteous yet out of reach, like the human spirit facing the apocalypse or a lone astronaut adrift in a galaxy of evil. Wha? Sorry, I can’t stop thinking about how much better all my fave sci-fi flix would be if Saudade scored them. Also how much more traumatic. Did anyone see 28 Weeks Later? That movie would’ve been a shitload better if there was more Saudade and less Muse. ALTERNATIVE REFERENCE POINT: this track reminds me of TWO of my favourite Brian Eno songs: the vibe makes me think of Chance Meeting by Roxy Music and the melody is all The Fat Lady of Limbourg off Taking Tiger Mountain. PS, this song is beautiful. Portland stop ruling.

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[Forthcoming LP through Arena Rock Recording Company]

Incidentally, Saudade have this killer blog where you can download a bunch of compilations they put together. This song was on one of them and it’s fucking mental, like Hanne Hukkelberg if she chilled the fuck out for once.

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gervin said...

but 28 Weeks Later had Rose Byrne (albeit getting her skull crushed with the butt of a rifle). Anyway, this shit rules. Sounds like drugs.