Friday, May 29, 2009


The first thing you're probably gonna notice about Jay Rock is that voice. There's an almost gruff, aggressive tone to it and you can just tell the person behind it has been through some shit. Nevertheless, he knows how to use it to great effect. It's a good tool to have to draw the listener in and with it, he's gonna regale you with tales and rhymes which are quintessentially West Coast. He's one of the few flying the flag high these days for Cali and with good reason. He just dropped his Gudda Muzik mixtape and it's one hell of a showcase. You also know the dude's got something good going when you consider who he's already worked with - Busta Rhymes, Lil' Wayne, Will.I.Am are all notable but there's also the likes of Grafh, K. Dot, Red Cafe, etc, the list goes on. However, let's forget the names for just a second because when you get down to the essence of it all, there's just something about Jay Rock that you can't ignore.

[Jay Rock's music will be available through Top Dawg Productions. Til then, hit up iTunes.]

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