Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Dirty Beaches - Harbors

Dirty Beaches - Lowrider

Still totally obsessed with beaches and tropics and what not (ocean deprivation? stupid cold England) so biggie ups to Shea/Guitar Media for letting me know about this guy from Montreal (!) and his tape escapes and smokey room/dust lit w/ light through cracks in blinds vibage and for something with a name like Dirty Beaches it's certainly got the stoned sunsetty feelin's you might feel if in a shady apartment post-swim or post-smoke or just post-damp-wakeup. I was in one once and will be reporting from one in Barcelona for the next week where the beaches are hot but actually pretty dirty.

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richard marks said...

dude low rider is the shit. totally flipped out when i heard it on tuesday night (9-11 rdu98.5fm)

richard said...

YEAH i flipped my wig man for sure yeaaaah best radio show ever