Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Ganglians - Rats Man

Hey guys just chilling in Barcelona post-Primavera Sound (it was good, missed Wavves MELTDOWN though, damn rite?) but did see Black Lips from this massive Hammerhead-style concrete platform in the sky that the cool kids (some w/ hooge chocolate-shaped blocks of hash) broke into to watch those punk bros who was all like "this is the shittest stage we´ve ever played on!!!" and "THESE MICROPHONES SUCK" which seemed expertly facetious or something but actually I don´t think it was. Anyway, forgot to post this Ganglians track before I left and it´s kind of on the same rock kick (sans jerkage).These guys don't sound overly gangley but I think they're more on the 'cyst' vibeage, a lil ugly but way wild/bodacious with that particular Woodsist kind of shake.

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