Monday, June 15, 2009


Major Lazer (feat. Vybz Kartel) - Pon de Floor

A collab between Diplo and Switch, they deliver on something that's right up my alley. Major Lazer is a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the Secret Zombie War of '84, was given experimental lazer prosthetics as limbs, acts now as a renegade soldier knee deep in black ops and operates in secrecy from the CIA and M5. He runs a dancehall club as a front and protects the world from the forces of darkness all while partying hard on his rocket-powered skateboard. Now imagine all that in the audio-form.

Basically, if I were on Mars, about to got to war with an invading alien force, maybe think some Starship Troopers type shit but with less Casper Van Dien and more of Michael Ironside being a fucking badass while Neil Patrick Harris directs traffic, this is what I would want to hear in order to whip me into an alien-murdering frenzy.

Note: The MP3's up and running and ready for download again. A thousand apologies if you came here earlier in search of some Major Lazer goodness but were turned away with a "ra ra no more bandwidth" message or a link to another file.

[Major Lazer MySpace]

[Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do will be released on June 27th. Get it from Downtown Music.]


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