Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Parasails - Skylife 3

The Parasails - Skylife 2 [via RCRD LBL]

So Matthew Mondanile continues to release even more amazing music this year under this new pseudonym The Parasails. Like his work in Ducktails, Real Estate, Predator Vision and Dreams in Mirror Field, the Skylife LP is super chill, full of the best vibes and retains his uncanny ability in creating the most intensely visual and vivid evocations with sound. Somehow Mondanile's warbly guitar and hypnotic synth loops look and sound like gently curling wind swirls, memories where you felt genuinely happy, and scenery like this:


- Shea Bermingham
[The Parasails/Ducktails Myspace]
[Buy Skylife from El Tule]


richard said...

really digging that new ducktails/julian lynch split DVD too, the track titled "parasailing" is OFF THE CHAIN hypnotic/liquid hawaii

shea said...

yeah dogg i linked that track up there. it's the second track on the parasails album but yeah also on that split by ducktails

richard said...

album is the shit man. probably just as good as ducktails. esp track 5