Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, gets massive (it'll happen, no doubt about that), he'll get lumped in with a bunch of Modular bands because he rules at production. This is an easy but bullshit comparison because, no disrespect, there's stuff going on here, including some pretty transcendental shit, that few acts on that label achieve. It starts with the aesthetics: rather than producing big, shiny, plastic beats that sound custom-made to blare out of lousy car speakers, tracks like Feel It All Around (and earlier Get Up) have the noise and the dust and the charm turned way up, like Ariel Pink for the dancefloor. Then there's the Sea Change-era Beck melancholy, getting all heavenly and shit with twinkly synths and spacewalk harmonies. It feels almost too good for everyday life, like you should only listen to Washed Out when you're looking at space from on top of the roof or something.

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