Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Rose Quartz / PRMNT VIBES Summer Mixx #2 (38mb)

Heyyyyy so seeing as it's still Summer and the second installment of the excellent JAMBOREE mini-fest/outdoor soiree is coming up (in Newcastle at The Cumberland Arms, August 6) I got bored and made this short-ish hazy and hopefully sort of lensflared mix. Dunno, it's hard to tell here in England because of course Summer isn't particularly sweltering or anything. I originally planned for this to be way "weirder" or more oblique or something but it's kind of like a tiny bit pop and part dreamwavey-style electronics which everyone's been digging on lately. Hopefuly just total "haze coasting"/vibes or something. Should probably have thrown Kurt Vile's new "Summer Demons" in there but ENJOY!

Black Dice - Bob
Atlas Sound - Walkabout (feat. Panda Bear)
Wavves - Mickey Mouse
Universal Studios Florida - Haze Coasting
Utopia - Pet Rock
New Yoga - Afterschool Slowrider
Washed Out - Feel It All Around
Axolotl - 03
Sad City - Água (Cirprise, Ser! and Edit Redit) (1st Edit)
Many Mansions - Eye Patterns
Truman Peyote - Sara Delta
Turtle Ambulance - Antelope

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Michael said...

Thanks a trillion Rich!

ST said...


Peter said...

really good! hey, where do i find the full version of pet rock? i want to play it in a dj set but for once the internet has not delivered.