Thursday, July 23, 2009


Roseanne Barrr - No Means No Mariah

So much London fused with the yuk side of some American 90s and Roseanne Barrr push it out as chuggy skronk, doom fake-outs and those jilted vocal melodies speaking weird cheerleader dreams/laments. They're tapping into some gnarled textures with a deadpan type of macabre, kind of reminds me of Brisbane as much as it does an imagined LA. I'm partly posting this cos it's a total jam but also because real soon here in Newcastle they're playing the Seripop weekend (of design, print, illustration, music) at the Baltic. Lots of wonky pop and no-fi punk from the likes of Hamborghini, Beards, Les Cox (sportifs) w/ mega-colour visual arts capturing further ecstasy in various angled ways. Seripop is actually two artists from Canada; pretty excited about their DIY exotica coming to the Northeast.

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