Monday, July 06, 2009


I’ll say this: you need to have some stones to turn up in peoples’ lives rocking a mesh shirt and ambient-ish disco grooves. Mikey Squires, aka Eddy Current, clearly has some serious goodwill flowing around at the moment, but disco? It’s risky. Not as risky as turning out a reggae record, but close. A few months ago we posted the first taste of Brain Children for you, and now the debut EP from this Melbourne duo (feat. Mr Squires of Eddy Current Suppression Ring & Ooga Boogas and Max Kohane of Agents of Abhorrence) has dropped. The good news is it’s sounding less like the ironic side-project of a couple of punk rock dudes (actually, it sounds nothing like that) and more like the inspired product of genuine affection for classic club sounds. Not that it’s a Bee Gees love-in: it’s more subtle than that, with hints of krautrock and the warm, organic snap of early Prince. It also basically confirms that Mikey Squires is the modern genius we’ve been expecting.

[Brain Children MySpace]

[Buy Brain Children from Stained Circles]

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