Monday, July 13, 2009


See, Brian Jonestown Massacre, THIS is how you do Stones-influenced dreampop. Shit, Black Cab should just go ahead and offer classes in how to make a 60s rock influence interesting because this is fucking masterful. Their third album, Call Signs, is set to drop next month, and by now Black Cab have pretty much refined their celestially hypnotic & cavernous thang to the point where each track is like slamming down the darkest, sweetest coffee you've ever had in a dive in Istanbul or some shit. Completely overwhelming. Endorphin extravaganza. Rescue is maybe less kraut and more shoegaze than Black Cab's last record, Jesus East, which could mean that these guys finally get to see some financial recompense instead of just being fellated by critics. Fucking primo.

[Black Cab MySpace]

[Call Signs out August through Laughing Outlaw]


Dale said...

THANKYOU TO NO END, this song is so good and have been looking around for it for a long time with the radio teasing me it for weeks THANKS!

Aaron said...

I saw them at the latest single release at the Northcote. First time i had seen them, they are just so good. I listened to them for days before hand, it was a randomly chosen gig to go to and we left very satisfied. their myspace has a live version of a song (can't access right now since im at work.... its either blood or love something). CRAZY!
Is this an aussie blog, or they play overseas quite a bit?