Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Gay Against You- Cruisin'

These Glasgow guys are getting ridiculously decadent on this new LP, feeling massively lost inside a broke Spectrum but not overly worried about it, just searching through those grey plastic tunnels and designing gawky and elaborate trimmings to go in there, squawking with pre-Christmas ridiculousness, but wait, are they playing in 2D? Sounds like "electric cereal" and obviously like a very manic childhood yeah really loving how they pull this all off without sounding totally annoying, real squiggly and overloaded with KFC and an urge to overdub grainy Ghostbusters tapes with new shinier technologic pixels. I like this album a lot because it sounds like its trying to both manufacture late 80s/early 90s nostalgias as well mirror exact memories of my own with additional blunted new techno feelings.

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