Monday, July 13, 2009


Trife Diesel - War

The list of insufferable hip hop weed carriers these days is endless and thanks to successful (and often times, semi-successful) rappers being given their own vanity labels courtesy of the majors that want to keep their arrangements cushy and narcissism prevalent, we're constantly being bombarded with records by "the guy who featured in the second verse of the remix which appeared on the unofficial mixtape of the guy who's album didn't really get big until the third single gained notoriety on YouTube". Yeah, I got as tired typing that as you just did reading it. So when a rapper like Trife Diesel (formerly Trife Da God), who's 10 years+ deep in experience, who's been cutting his teeth these past few years as a member of Theodore Unit and who's been mentored and schooled by none other than Pretty Toney, decides to finally do the solo thing, you tend to forget the Yung Joc's in the world and remember the time when Jay-Z started out his career carrying trees for Jaz-O. Sure, that's a bit of an exaggeration but the notion of a dude that can outgrow the "hypeman" tag by simply showing off how well he can spit is always welcome.

[Trife Diesel MySpace]

[Better Late Than Never will be released on July 21st. Get it from Fat Beats. The Project Pope mixtape can be downloaded for free from Trife's MySpace.]

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