Sunday, July 12, 2009


Jay Reatard - Before I Was Caught
[mp3 removed at label request]

Man this dude is so on fire right now I don't know if he could put out a dud record if he tried. His first actual album since 2006's Blood Visions has just hit the internets and, uh, it's fucking cool. OK, actual music criticism: this track is so far up my alley it's gonna need to pull some Batmobile shit to get out. Driving bass, fuzzy guitars, 50s pop-ish rhythms? I am unable to withstand their allure. Before I Was Caught fits somewhere in between the two singles from Watch Me Fall that have been released thus far: the frantic garage sounds of It Ain't Gonna Save Me and the slick pop hooks of Wounded can both be found here to totally excellent effect. In an interview with Village Voice, Jay promised "more obvious" melodies. Well, he's certainly come up with those, although (fortunately?) Watch Me Fall isn't quite the twee pop extravaganza he'd hinted at elsewhere.

RELATED NEWS FACT: Check out his hilarious spray at Brooklyn on Twitter.

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[Pre-order Watch Me Fall from Matador]

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