Saturday, July 11, 2009


Assassins 88 - Go Go Second Chance Virgin

Assassins 88 seem to write a lot of anthems about sex for kids pushing their pals around in empty supermarket carts in empty supermarket parking lots, walking stoned/bleary-eyed into the sterile brightness of a service station at 3am to buy a pie a Pepsi and a jumbo bag of Burger Rings. It's definitely a sound borne of suburban boredom and I believe they're from Canberra, Australia which my friend once described as a "dead conservative hellhole", but at least these dudes are there to fuck some shit up. The duo keep it simple with bass & drums, no super proficient Lightning Bolts or boring blues rock, just super catchy and a whole lot more chill than other lo-fi punx. This is young & dumb and pumping with hormones and cheap beer, plus "Age of Consent" opens with a creepy sample from Dazed and Confused, perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Your friend doesn't know shit.

Canberra isn't conservative by australian standards - 4 out of the 17 seats their legislative assembly are held by greens. They were the mecca for porn and fireworks for years.

So the conservative thing doesn't wash... but there is nothing to do unless you work for the government. Buying burger rings is considered a good night out for teens.


max said...

His friend was sure as heck right about the "dead" and "hellhole" bits tho