Thursday, July 09, 2009


Blues Control - Rest On Water

For a duo that aren't really into cosmicness this new Siltbreeze LP captures turns a hazy familiarity into somethig pretty transcendent; feels real innocent ie. piano tinkling in yr holiday house on Summer holidays, curtains in the breeze etc and all in lensflared/beach eyes/forest head, less psych deconstruction and more oblique chill built on lots of subtle percussions and distant Eno echoes. It really makes sense them being pals with Kurt Vile (besties, even? He plays some horns on the start of the record)) cos that similar gritty airyness floats through these quietly dubby jams, all ebb and flow via ex-New Age ideals used to throw melodies out wide.

P.S: Blues Control are playing Newcastle Upon Tyne on September 1 @ Head Of Steam (!!!).

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