Thursday, July 09, 2009


Sounds like all that time in Portugal & Spain lately has had an impact on Evelyn Morris because this cut from her new EP, Not So Still, is surprisingly (and excellently) tropical. Well, it's surprising if you were expecting her to pick up exactly where the 2007’s debut self-titled album left off. Logically, though, it makes complete sense: the loose, winding melodicism of that record always seemed kind of at odds with her work with Melbourne thrashers Baseball and True Radical Miracle. Here, there’s still the mesmerizing layers of looped sound and melody that made Pikelet so fascinating, but there’s also some serious movement: throbbing, propulsive percussion that reminds me of El Guincho and a chaotic glockenspiel riff that pulls the song along by its hair. The tropical influence doesn’t end there, though: the sunny vocal harmonies and synth bleeps make this track sound like it could have been a Merriweather Post Pavilion outtake, albeit one where Animal Collective scaled back the wall of sound by about a million per cent.


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Ro said...

Great to hear something new from Evelyn. Great to see you guys are on top of it too!