Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Dolphins Into The Future - Onset-Beyond Clouds

It's true there's a lot of lucid New Age-channeling improv going on but none embrace it as much as Belgium's Dolphins Into The Future. They just run with it on their new LP, which finds a fitting home out on Not Not Fun. This is more thanEcco; this guy shares a name with a book by a lady called Joan Ocean who apparently took a 20 year spirit quest to commune with real life dolphins in Hawaii and this could pretty much be the soundtrack to it, or to just getting totally smoked out, though that might end up in some weird feelin's given the propensity towards “soothing ocean noises” and absolute healing funnelled through DIY tape loopery. These long ambient tracks are distantly tropical have this amazing Skaters-style plastic otherworldliness, again weirdly obsessed with pop culture as much as those naturalistic synths, all liquid in their undulations, or the holographic textures that shimer all though this 12” and that in the end actually transform your room way more than you'd expect.

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