Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I think a lot of people say they hate ska because it’s so easy to like. Like they think that if they give it a chance they’ll turn overnight into the kind of person who constantly references Blues Brothers and wears a zoot suit to the club (actually, if that’s your approach you probably will turn out that way, like a closeted 50-year-old who leaves his family to become a tidal wave of raw gayness). In reality ska is totally not bad for you and can even be a rewarding pursuit, so long as you pretend the 90s never happened and maintain a balanced diet etc. Sean Bones is a fun guy to listen to and his album RINGS could even be an excellent southern hemisphere summer party supplement in the right circumstances, because there are some pool parties where Wavves is inappropriate. That’s where the clean guitars and syncopated “riddims” (SORRY) and organ and Sean Bones’ fairly intriguing vocals come in. To match this level of sophistication you might need post-swim cucumber sandwiches and Pimms cups but that is never not fucking worth it.

[Sean Bones MySpace]

[Buy RINGS from Frenchkiss Records]

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