Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The deep as fuck, post-Timbaland rhythms already had me bopping around but those post-Neptunes, fly-away synths ensured that I was addicted. The catchy hooks in the chorus didn't hurt either. I'm also down with a dude who can keep the vibe silky, but not overly so, while spitting about girls. I can't help but think of "high school in the 90s" as a jump off point for all this which is not to say that the whole affair sounds incredibly "now". I guess Donnis just knows what's what as he's tapped into my favourite aspects of rap music and blended it all into the perfect song. Or maybe I just have a thing for well-done jams about girls.

[Donnis MySpace]

[Donnis' Snack Pack samplers can be downloaded for free from his website. Diary From An ATL Brave can be downloaded for free from 10.Deep.]

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