Monday, August 24, 2009


Oneotrix Point Never - Hyperdawn

Oneohtrix Point Never has a new LP out on Arbor and it's his most realized adventure into "back then" yet; packed with fragments of weird televised life and VHS morning tans, montages of computerized moments-of-truth/epiphanies, Zones Without People takes it more overtly icy into the outmoded realms, building a fake otherworldiness via the New Age that shoots to find the sound of "the reason for being alive" viz. the trouble with being born but actually finding life is of course pretty rad. This new one is part two in a trilogy and it seems to be building funny how many worlds you can weave with a couple of synths that make sounds that people have heard before.

[Oneohtrix Point Never MySpace]

[Buy Zones Without People from Arbor]


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