Sunday, August 30, 2009


According to Cokemachineglow, shitgaze/No Wave Revival, ‘09/whatever is already over, leaving Best Coast to pick up the remaining shreds of blog hyperbole as the entire internet gets ready for 2010. This probably says more about general scepticism re: anything involving tape hiss or distortion than it does about the quality of Best Coast’s second actual physical release, which features mad shit like melody and identifiable lyrics. It’s pretty easy to jump off the bandwagon of the sound that’s defined most of this year once the northern summer’s over, but to accuse all the genre’s practitioners of using noise to cover up their songwriting deficiencies is lazy, inaccurate and actually all the worst shit about the internet. Anyway, the Where The Boys Are cassette, briefly available through Blackest Rainbow, ranges beyond naive tropical jams: there are moments of contemplation here and even humour. At least I think it’s humour. The title, minor key strumming and chorus (“It’s overwhelming how much I hate everything”) of the posted track, Angsty, is pretty funny, but it’s also possible that Bethany Cosentino’s taken disingenuousness to a new level. Good song, anyway.

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