Sunday, August 30, 2009


Pac Div - Knuckleheadz

Pac Div - Shut Up

More of the left coast vibes I've been feeling lately. Pac Div rep LA with a bravado and hunger comparable to the Lakers in the 99-00 season and it's only right I throw up a basketball reference or two as Church League Champions is laden with references to the game. However it's all one giant metaphor for the group - relatively fresh faced, they know they're underdogs but they're sure as fuck on winning. Knuckleheadz is evidence of this. Ridiculous lyricism is on display here as in the first ninety seconds alone you're hit with lines about croquettes and tea, Eartha Kitt, twitter, Master Chief and Clyde Drexler. After a three peat of hot verses, the song pauses briefly, enough for you catch your breath, and as the beat flips to slow-motion mode, you're transported to riding shotgun at midnight, causin a ruckus with doses and doses of bass in yr ears. Shut Up is a power forward's low post game in rap-form. Menacing, intimidating and "heavy" but never lacking in finesse. Think The Cool Kids on an angry day and amp that to 11. From tracks such as these through to cheerleader-choreographed, halftime-show stomp, Pac Div are making it clear - they got the championship on lock.

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