Monday, August 31, 2009


The Craters are Wes and Jared, a duo from the increasingly exciting Boston area where they're pals with some of our other faves like Truman Peyote, Easyboy and Turtle Ambulance. Word is they're wrapping up a new EP from which this track is taken, along with "Weekends or Not" (stream over here), which was cut up and sampled, providing the crystalline sunshine soundtrack for "Weekends or Not". Throw in a few bassy synth punches, a minimal drumbeat and a sweet boy/girl verse interchange (courtesy of Wes's sister) and you've got a track that's sweeter than lemonade from a suburban roadside stall (complete with the letters in "lemonade" written back-to-front) and very NOW, which I hope doesn't sound pejorative, cos really fresh is best.


[The Craters Myspace]

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