Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Don't really want to come down hard on the state of New Zealand music (cos there actually is some cool stuff happening here that I'm gonna try cover more of, promise!) but on the whole the good stuff has been pretty elusive to me lately. It's cool though cos I just got this new track from Auckland's Surf City who have been a local favourite of mine since seeing their totally slacked-out live set at this whack council-funded all ages venue back in 2006. On "Zombies" they're still channelling those classic Flying Nun/Jesus & Mary Chain mixtape reels and dubbing their own experiences of suburban Auckland glee/boredom over top in blasé Antipodean drawl. There's definitely a more exploratory direction in this and the other loop-harnessed tracks like Autumn taken from their forthcoming LP (out later this year) which you can stream on their Myspace page - gleeful vocal hooks, hypnotic MBV squalls and drum clatter.


[Surf City Myspace]


Nick said...

Wicked man, I've been waiting for Surf City to put out a new track.

max said...