Monday, August 03, 2009


Like Kanye's pre-College Dropout mixtapes up to and including Drakes "So Far Gone", IllDotLogic (or Illington Dotsworth if you're so inclined) continues "that vibe" nicely with The QWERY Mixtape. Funky fresh shit from Duval County, Florida, of all places, this release ranges from electro-infused dancefloor jams to drum machine-heavy riding music through to some surprising touches of slow burn introspection all polished off with slick-shine production. It's an incredible listen and something which should be considered for many a "faves of 09" lists.

Sampling Uffie's "Pop The Glock", "Pop It" is an exercise in bounce, bravado and ice-burn synths. Major fucking stomp is the best way to describe it. Sampling CSS, "Move" is all about good times, long weekends in the summer, lit up dancefloors, and the buzz you get after a couple of wine coolers - don't front, you know you want to. There's a passion, honesty and promise which permeates his style while at the same time never letting you forget that when all's said and done, fun times will be accomplished.

[IllDotLogic MySpace]

[The QWERTY Mixtape can be downloaded via his blog.]

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