Monday, August 03, 2009


You know how in the early days of cinema, film-makers would get around the special effects limitations by shooting scale models of things? Monsters, cities, landscapes? I’d bet ZOND did something similar (somehow) in the recording studio because otherwise I don’t understand how this song can even be on tape because shit is LOUD. They probably found a way to play this insane blast of dirgey noise super quietly and trick people into thinking their ears are bleeding and their suburb’s just browned out. As with pretty much every band from Melbourne, ZOND is made up of dudes from other bands including Mum Smokes and Wasted Truth but don’t expect any of the former’s smooth pop production. ZOND are committed to lo-fi. There’s a haze of noise blanketing this brief jam that basically nixes any chance of singalong, which is maybe deliberate since there are definite hooks buried deep down and it can get exhausting singing AND fucking shit up in the circle pit.

ZOND are playing the Sydney leg of the amazing Flip Out festival on August 29, alongside Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Pink Reason, Ooga Boogas, Naked On The Vague and Super Wild Horses.

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[Buy ZOND/Hi God People split 12” from Spanish Magic]

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richard said...

woah yeah wish i could go to flip out, super wild horses!!!