Sunday, August 02, 2009


Dunno how long the last eight months or so was in Seekae years but these guys are becoming the best thing in Australian electronica at pace. Late last year they bestowed upon us The Sound of Trees Falling on People which was a raging war between blissed out bleeps and spontaneous insanity & pretty dang good, but this new EP ("The Remix EP") is kind of another thing. It's a pretty unusual move for anyone to step things up with an EP of remixes, AND YET THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SEEKAE HAVE DONE. This rules kind of hard. The remix of megastick fanfare's June Stranglets strarts out with waves of crashing electronix before giving way to subtle beats & synths and then later on propulsive, organic rhythms that I wanna call "instrumental hip-hop" but won't because THIS IS 2009. Seekae could probably carve out a mad thing for themselves as the Australian Ratatat but they've got more than impeccable production and an ear for remixes working for them, as proven by the glacial solo piano cover of Pivot's O Soundtrack My Heart which rounds off the EP.

Seekae are playing Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney on Wednesday night with megastick fanfare, Ghoul, Parades and Bearhug. Radness

[Seekae MySpace]

[The Remix EP out August 6 through Rice Is Nice]

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