Thursday, August 27, 2009


El Prez & Dale Danja - Perfect Strangers

I've been on a left coast/loud sneakers-hip hop kick for the past day or two and stumbled upon a mixtape which has impressed so much, it's made me re-think a certain aspect of life - in particular, my "freshness". Am I fresh enough these days? How can I be fresher? How can I inspire freshness within my peers? Basically, the Perfect Strangers mixtape is tonnes of fun. Drenched in the California sun, it's part hazed-out afternoon vibes and part house party soundtrack. The production is crisp and topped off with El Prez and Dale Danja playing off each other as a perfect rap duo should do. The two trade punchlines and quips tinged with tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation while at the same time balance it out by showing off some impressive, straight-up lyrical prowess. Fresh to death.

[El Prez MySpace]

[Dale Danja MySpace]

[The Perfect Strangers mixtape is available for free download from both MySpace profiles.]

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