Thursday, August 27, 2009


Witch Hats – I Am Parolling
mp3 removed at label request

There’s free-wheeling menace to this new track from Witch Hats. It’s partly that particular surf-rock spaciousness where the cymbals are phoning in from across town while the guitars are right behind your head and partly I Am Parolling’s unhurried pace: it glides along, accumulating dread like a Hunter S. Thompson road trip, until the shrieking, breathless chorus licks push shit over the top. For a garage-y punk band, Melbourne’s Witch Hats have always had an odd tendency towards over-production, but Solarium Down The Causeway, recorded live to tape in downtown Oakland, California hits the spot, harsh and ragged and combative and totally suited.

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Nick said...

One day I will learn to fully appreciate this band.

One day.