Monday, August 10, 2009


Lavender Diamond - Purple Rain

Hi, I'm Gervin and I fucking love Prince. He is THAT DUDE. And because this year is the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain, the folks over at Spin magazine did a good deed and put together a tribute album, "Purplish Rain", featuring the likes of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Mariachi El Bronx, The Twilight Singers and Of Montreal. Though it's Lavender Diamond who steal the show with their rendition of the title track.

The piece is stripped back to a bare arrangement, revolving around the piano and slow pulsating rhythms. At first bummed out due to the lack of "the greatest guitar solo ever", I see that by taking the "sensitive" route, the song's heart can be seen from an all new light. The simpler arrangement is also the perfect way to showcase Becky Stark's vocals. Eschewing Prince's thunder and disparate wailing, she's able to deliver one of the most vulnerable and honest performances I've ever heard - at times she sounds on the verge of tears. The crescendo especially is beautiful and makes me want to ride clouds. Purple velvet clouds. Fuck lightning.

And because it's Purple Rain time, how good is that scene where The Kid takes the stage with The Revolution (still the best Prince backing band), rocks motherfuckers with The Beautiful Ones, leaving Apollonia moved to the point where she bawls and in the process makes Morris Day look like an amateur?

Prince & The Revolution - The Beautiful Ones

[Lavender Diamond MySpace]

[Spin Magazine's Purplish Rain compilation can be downloaded here. However, they're making it pretty difficult for peeps outside of North America to get on it. Though on the plus side, it's an easy find for the internet-savvy. Godspeed.]


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