Sunday, August 09, 2009


Gentle Friendly - Clean Breaker

Gentle Friendly - Rip Static

We've been real excited for this London duo's full-length for ages now (more total GOODS from Upset The Rhythm) and these first new hits from it take the cake; all that frantic melody fractured into one big busy/noisy clatter but somehow still deftly letting lots of SONG come through, recording outside to let lots of natuuuurrrree come in (crystal trees grown out of common table salt). So they found their synth in a skip, big deal! But when they force it to scream rainbows and cry bin juice at the same time, well, the results are frantically ecstatic; check "Clean Breaker" and how it funnels No Age-coloured distortion and drops into sped-up kraut airiness.

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[Buy Ride Slow from Upset The Rhythm (October)]

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