Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There’s a particular early ‘00s guitar sound that combines the heavy lucidity of stoner rock with a dash of ‘90s distortion and super-clean George Benson licks. Obviously it rules, and if the years 2000 through 2004 lay a little less culturally barren around it, it’d probably already be pilfered as a motherfucker. Still, who dares wins, and I Heart Hiroshima have here dared to venture deep into the era that took Alien Ant Farm seriously and won a badass riff. I listened to Sisters five or six times before I worked out what the guitars reminded me of, and it was a) Pinback and b) the keyboards on Everybody Lets Me Down by J Mascis and the Fog (stone cold classic BTW) off their 2002 album Freedom. Sweet refs! Given this is I Heart Hiroshima there’s still some “angularity” at work here, but it’s more the concise, propulsive kind than flimsy 2005 revival.

Sisters is the b-side to I Heart Hiroshima's new single, Shakeytown. Buy it here.

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