Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Mariachi El Bronx - Cell Mates

The Bronx have always been quick to let people know that they are products of their environment and rightly proud of it. Los Angeles is the gutter, the glitz, the never ending heat and the myriad of every culture imaginable all jostling along for their own space in the sun. They ingest all this and spit it out, rocking faces with potent-as-fuck punk rock. But obviously, as LA is multi-faceted, so to must be the music. An ever-present latin inluence is an aspect of life in southern California and my guess is that The Bronx could no longer ignore that fire, that LATIN fire, burning in their souls. Mariachi El Bronx is their tribute and expression of love to this side of Los Angeles.

And "love" would be the best way to describe why some punk rockers chilled out long enough to record a collection of gorgeous songs which never come across as disingenuous or as a tongue-in-cheek parody. The blend of strings, horns and rhythms make me think of that instance when you finally embrace the summer heat and Matt Caughthran's vocals is that early evening mezcal over ice.

[Mariachi El Bronx MySpace]

[Mariachi El Bronx will be released on September 1st through Swami/Wichita. Aus/NZ residents can pre order here.]

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