Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ducktails - On The Boardwalk

Naturally it's not mega "breakthrough blogging" to post Ducktails (and of course that's the only reason for blogging), especially not around these parts (kind of obsessed) but really I'm pretty sure this stuff (and Parasails and what not) is my absolute fav. Sounds like Matthew Mondanile has hit it right on with this new Landscapes LP , slipping in the occasional "hypnogogic"-style hand drum swirl next to those infinitely warming analog feelins (they come in song form; plastic and sincere and more in the Real Estate school of homeliness) that kind of seem more like still night time beach times than delirious hot heat. Feels real seaside carnival/theme park-y. ALSO, it's made perfect sense hearing it whilst chilling in Berlin/eating kebabs/drinking beers (cool eh?) the last few days in a sort of European heat that seems ludicrous and makes three perfect sweat drops retreat like reverse tears down my temples.

[Ducktails MySpace]

[Buy Landscapes from Olde English Spelling Bee/Volcanic Tongue]

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shea said...

oh whoa thankss!
i was gonna blog about this but literalllyyy couldnt pick a track. so good!!