Monday, August 17, 2009


From the muggy surroundings of South Florida, comes Dynas. Visual and interpretive in his rhymes, he's also a practitioner of a sound which brings me to mind the likes of Little Brother, Dilla, and The Pharcyde back in the day. Bringing together those elements, he's put together an album, loosely-based on the concept of living in an apartment. Now before, you cock your head to the side and give me that "what the fuck..." impression note that, his rhymes suggest more than just sitting in a living room and watching the news. The world is encompassed and examined from the view of his own small space in life and I can always get down with rappers who know hot to harness the power of introspection in their music. So peep Dynas and The Ruler rip this track apart with the energy of a marching band on fast forward and pray that snare doesn't snap your neck.

[Dynas MySpace]

[The Apartment will be released on September 28th . Get it from BBE Music.]

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