Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tom Watson's pop gleams in glorious bronze and is growing rust from hanging out in all the watery gaps between frequencies where guitars bathe in analogue haze and turquoise low-fidelity, where garbled vocals are heard only through underwater ears. Recent signee to the increasingly exciting California-based Family Time Records, Watson offers a complementary slice of Anglicized fuzz to the roster which includes the new weird exotica of Norse Horse and previously loved Ancient Crux. There's a pretty earnest but way-cool nonchalance throughout this debut EP Weird You which slithers past all yr fave 80s & 90s alternative touchstones, totally straight up with cigarette hanging out corner of mouth, giving you the fingers, but also hopeful in its insolence that somebody else might help him look for gems (but also settle for coppers) hidden beneath all the sodden grime and detritus of South East London.


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