Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was surprised by how much I liked the original Paul Dempsey track, but this Faux Pas remix of Ramona Was A Waitress is predictably brilliant. Tim Shiels takes the sad giant's surprisingly touching ode to a service professional and adds some reggaeton-hued retro-futuristic beats, vocoder backing vox and subtle autotune flourishes and, contrary to how that description might read, comes up with a mix that's somehow as poignant as the original but infinitely more danceable. It's not just tha funk that Ramona Was A Waitress has going for it, either - there's the constantly irresistible Faux Pas wall-of-synth and some clever looping that doubles the track's considerable hooks in on themselves. Last year I blogged about how Architecture In Helsinki's That Beep was the higher class of pop jam that all young Australians deserve - this deserves the same title for '09.

You can own this piece of pop magic by buying Paul Dempsey's Ramona Was A Waitress single.

[Faux Pas Website]

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Miles said...

I can't wait to see what kind of album Faux Pas cooks up!