Thursday, August 13, 2009


Masspike Miles - Never A Flaw

I love how a lot of R&B cats go hard these days. It's funny. Obviously there's still a lot of purists out there content with sticking to PG-ballads and innuendo, but there's a whole lot more nowadays who are completely upfront with their subject matter - money, cars, clothes, hoes. They seek to blur the lines of radio friendly R&B and hood hip hop with hooks and beats more at home to say, a Gucci Mane than a Keith Sweat. It's similar to what New Jack Swing did back in the day, only this time, jams lean towards the R-rating. Having hooked up with Rick Ross and DJ Khaled for his latest mixtape, Masspike Miles exercises his right to sing about whatever the fuck he wants, swearing on hooks and all the while being the quintessential R&B ladies man.

[The Pursuit of Happiness mixtape can be downloaded via his myspace.]

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