Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Seriously spacious jam from this New Jersey duo who just know how to take it easy. This is highly pleasant music: smooth and well-played, with a vibe that’s part treble-y ‘70s AM rock, part Yo La Tengo slow jam with Californian vocal harmonies up to HERE. The total obsession at the moment with coating everything in a layer of noise means I’m getting pretty close to total lo-fi fatigue, so it’s good to hear The Twin Atlas administering the raggedness sparingly, a la Kurt Vile. Not that The Twin Atlas have any songwriting deficiencies to patch over with distortion - bros know how to pen a tune. It seems kind of weird that The Twin Atlas have been releasing records since 2000, since this record sounds pretty fucking now, but I guess Sean Byrne and Lucas Zaleski have kept things fresh by playing with a bunch of other bands, including the massively under-rated Mazarin.

Actually, there’s probably nothing I can say about these guys that’s better than this line from their press release: ‘RIYL: rural sunset drives, Yo La Tengo's mystical side, canned beer, Teenage Fanclub, vocal harmonies, coffee, Byrds, light filtering through the atmosphere, longboarding, Murmur, good vibes, chiming guitars, nighttime bicycling, “Sentimental Lady”.’ Yeah, that’ll do it.

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[The Good Light out August 25 from]


nic said...

ok you're right i do like it.

gervin said...

I was big on Mazarin so I'm really feeling this. "Double Shot" is my jam.

Michaella said...

I too am suffering "lo-fi fatigue" Max! I'm so tired of songs being swamped in reverb and distortion. I just want to hear some clear melodies! This song lovely and the perfect antidote!